Staff Obsession #1

It is undoubtedly the nature of creative people to be obsessive, and while working within the creative industries certainly keeps them engaged mentally what drives them outside work? What is keeping them from mindlessly laying on the sofa binging on Netflix. In this monthly blog we will take a look at what is taking over the lives of our staff members. This month we ask our senior designer Jordan.

“My Wife and I have recently renovated an old Bungalow. The walls are freshly plastered and painted… The problem was then what the hell do you put on the walls? We have made a few gallery walls with random art we collected over the years on our travels, which luckily turned out alright but there was one wall left and we’d run out of things to put up and we are fresh out of money! After endless hours on Pinterest I found an image of some framed album covers, perfect I thought as I have Lp’s just gathering dust. So I bought 9 bronze frames from a site called and then spent an outrageous amount of time working out what albums go together and what I’m not completely ashamed of owning (Bon Jovi is in there, but he isn’t making the cut). Now all I need to do is to mount them – hang them on the wall – walk back and take a look – hate them – have my wife tell me “YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!” – then tell her “NO I DON’T” – walk away – look back after an hour – be happy with it then and then apologise for being in a huff for the last hour. God bless her”.